While we’re waiting for Facebook to hopefully allow for our name change from YourWordPressFriend to our new brand WebsiteCreationMastery, we will be recreating all the videos to reflect the new name.

This is great for you, cause it means that you will have a renewed look at things, perhaps a more fresh and updated perspective and possibly even more value, helping you further with your own website building.

We will commence the video-shooting today and expect to have the entire Free Fast Track Video Training Series done by this evening.

Until the new videos are in place, you can still view the “old” ones, so if you are eager to get going, then don’t wait for the new ones to show up, but simply go straight ahead with the “old” videos. Again the Free Fast Track Video Training Series is made so that you can get started building your website fast. Quick and fast wins are great and will help motivate you further along with your website creation.



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