I recently learned that I was actually in violation of Trademarks of WordPress currently with the site of www.yourwordpressfriend.com.

By using the word WordPress in my URL I was in violation of their trademarked name and also by using the image of their famed “W” – logo, I was also violating their ownership.

Since I completely respect trademark laws and respect what is theirs is theirs, just as what’s mine is mine, I do not wish to keep this violation in place and will be re-branding straight away which is why I have recreated most of the existing content here on our new website, the www.websitecreationmastery.com site.

The situation is not all that bad for it will actually give us good ground for recapturing new training videos for the training program and for the lessons I’m bringing you.

It will also give us the chance to shoot videos on several important topics that I probably did not intent to include in the program, but which will make perfect sense now to include. These new topics will be about the importance of re-directing URLs etc.

You see, you do not wish to have done some good work previously and just because you then “move” or make changes make all that go to waste or break the links or the URLs. Breaking URLs or deleting them altogether and you will lose in your Google Ranking and with anything that you may have established at some point.

So while this may be beyond the scope of brand new website creation, you will invariably get to a situation down the road where the insights I will bring you in this connection will be beneficial for you and for your business online.

The topics in this connection may be of more technical nature, but as always I will show you how to make the shifts and changes you may be facing using very little if any technical “Techie-Stuff”.

OK, so now.

I have just registered the domain: www.websitecreationmastery.com (You are already reading it here on this now now…).

How do you like that?

Do you think this will be a good name for the “brand” and the program this site is all about?

I would love to hear your feedback. I will commence work on this end straight away and I hope you are all for it. Please let me know what you think and stay tuned for all the new training videos this will give us.




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