“I don’t mean to be blunt but I don’t know how else to say this…”

You know, you have to brace yourself, when someone commences a sentence like this. Often it’s a bit like, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I’m just about to stick a knife into your guts (or back) or shoot a bullet at your head (or heart).

I just had one of those the other day. Ouch.

Now, I actually agreed with the commentary’s viewpoint for it had to do with the looks of my website here on Your WordPress Friend, on which she commented:

“… for me, I would need to see a site that looks incredible to be convinced that the person knows how to use WordPress themselves and can teach me how to do it.

If your course teaches me how to create a site that looks like yours – I don’t want that because it doesn’t look professional at all.

Here’s what the website looked like at that moment in time:


I had posted in a group of very awesome active people who are known to support each other to great extent a question on what I should or should not include in my Free Fast Track Video Training Series in their views.

What I was looking for was some guidance from them on what the content should include on a free level so that it would have enough appeal in their minds.

OK, so again first off, the lady who made the comment is absolutely right: The Your WordPress Friend site is as of current not very beautiful at all and yes, it doesn’t even look that professional either. So I agree with that, I truly do. I have already previous to my posting my question in that group written here on this blog a post to that effect: Even Simple Websites Get Results

Now the commentary person in concern so happens to be teaching WordPress herself and her onwards comments, indicated her assumptions that I probably know little of WordPress and how to make beautiful sites, so why should anybody want to ultimately buy my program.

Again, I actually fully agree with her comments on first impressions have huge impacts on decisions, and I also understand why she would make assumptions about me based on no knowledge about me or my abilities based upon the look of the website. We all do make assumptions and base our decisions quickly on what we see, hear and feel. Had I been looking for a program on how to do WordPress or build a website and had come to my website at that time, I too, probably would have made assumptions to the tune that she did and thus ended up not wanting to pursue things further with this particular offer.

She posted her link to her WordPress training course too, both in order to show me a place I could go and learn how to do WordPress (before I try to teach anybody else), and I guess, to show what a nice website should look like (yes, hers is nice and looks professional).

So I decided I would have a second look at her site.

Then I decided I would show how I could easily make the exact same site – in no time and thereby prove that I can actually make cool and professionally looking websites.

As thought – so done. In fact I did that in the morning following the discussion event in the group.

I shot a video of that video creation. So in less than 40 minutes (for the actual website creation) I show you how you can build a beautiful and very professional website (just like hers). I even include how you get your newly acquired domain functional and how you get the WordPress installed. In other words, the site in concern is created from scratch.

You can watch the video below.

However, before you go watch it, I wish to stress what this entire course I’m offering is about (and thus what this website here is about):

It’s about the content. High value content.

The content here is aimed for people who are new to website creation and to WordPress. It’s also aimed for those who may not be very technically skilled nor wish to learn too much techie stuff (I don’t really either).

It’s meant for people who wish to take charge of their own website. To save money on getting their website (I used to buy mine at a cost in excess of $6,000 a piece and I had quite a few).

It’s meant for people to be able to update and keep anew and fresh their websites going forward. I used to have these beautiful sites, but whenever they needed any updates, I would be a bit lost and was in need again of acquiring services from the marketing agency (at further cost and time delay).

It’s for some of those too, who may wish to actually commence a business of creating websites for others or to create a marketing agency (which I also have done) and create a living and lifestyle for themselves. Hey, I managed not only to obtain a VISA for me here in the United States (I’m from Denmark) along with an initial $9,200 salary (haha, not very much) plus a bonus of $84,000 in just one of the years and from just one company, as part of me having the skills and knowledge of WordPress and website creation.

But like I said. I understand and agree: First impressions are important and her point to me, underlines what I would also advise you, which is to ensure that your presentation of yourself or your business or your message online, in the form of your website, looks awesome and professional. Simply put, it is a prerequisite for you to reach any results with your endeavors.

As you will see in the video, I can make perfectly beautiful and professional looking websites and that’s exactly what I’m teaching you too in my course. And I can make them happen without turning you into a complete nerd or getting into advanced technical boring stuff.

There’s a reason that Your WordPress Friend (the site has migrated to this site here, but it looked pretty awful) is not that great looking as of yet. But trust me, there’s was perfectly good reason for it. The reason being, that I wanted to show you, in videos, in the program I offer, just exactly how I’m doing it, so that you by watching it and by the instructions I’m giving, can end up making your own beautiful, cool and professionally looking website too.

You can get a pretty good idea of what you can up with learning by going through my program, but rest assured there are so many more things in the program than what I’m just showing you in this brief video below. Yes, in my program we go through much more extent and discuss among many other things how to optimize the site for better performance and better ranking in searches and much, much more.

Now do watch the video and then go and check out my Free Fast Track Video Series.

Please give me your feedback and do send me your questions. Love to learn more from you and how I may serve you better.


“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything.”


I Don’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings, But Your Website Sucks



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