I’m very visually driven and love beautiful stuff, so when it comes to websites I do love beautifully looking websites or cool, dramatically and very visually driven websites, however, even very simple websites get results.

One website that we have been involved in is actually very simple in its form, layout and theme. But even so, it gets a lot of attention even with no advertising or any big announcements to the world. We even witness that its content has been referenced or loaned on other sites throughout the world.

The website in concern is that of the Gulfstream Chapter of Project Baseline and its content and articles and images has been picked up from websites all over the world. Even just this week, someone asked for permission to make use of one of the proprietary images for an upcoming book.

The point is that even very simple websites can make great results for your business, for your cause, for whatever it is that you wish to bring to the world. This also means that you needn’t worry too much if you find your website is still not that pretty or awesomely looking yet.

Truth be told, at time of posting this post our website here on YourWordPressFriend, our site is really not that pretty yet.

YourWordPressFriendFeat-compressedIt’s terribly simple and lacks perhaps some ooomph and sexiness to it.

But that said, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be valuable. As we add more and more information and more and more insights, the value of information that it brings to the world will increase and reach a bigger and bigger audience.

Now, will we be looking at making the site look cooler? Yes, more than likely, we will be doing so over time. But if you have followed what we have set out to do here, it is to make use of the standard WordPress platform and turn this into a beautiful and unique website that portrays our own identity.

We are doing this step by step, using as little need for being tech savvy as possible, so that along the way we can demonstrate and show you, how you can do the same for your website.

In other words, the idea is for us to build up the site step by step so you – as a newbie to website building – can follow along and see how you can build yours. As we progress we will open up for more insights into changing things up and making some nice leaps into more advanced looking websites, even obtainable without things becoming too technical.

So fear not if you find your website that you are creating is still not looking super dabby and cool – before you know it, it will perform nicely and before you know it, all of a sudden it will have transformed itself into something very beautiful.




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