Is it really possibly to build a beautiful and professional website in just an hour?

I’ve got a video to show you. It’s a video in which I demonstrate a website build from complete scratch complete to a full build and it takes less than one hour.

The first time I did this was actually a result of a provocation in which I kinda got pushed by someone who questioned my abilities as a professional website builder and thus also questioned my abilities for showing others how they too can build their own professional website.

Well, my humble or not so humble pride got the better of me, so I ventured off to check out this criticizer’s own website and then decided I would record a video in which I would not only build a professional website, but actually build one that totally mimicked her website.

And before long my website was build and it totally looked like her website, except that I of course had changed out anything that referenced her, her company or her website.

What’s more was the build took my all but about 40 minutes.

And I had the video to prove it.

Yes, it felt good, but in truth it also seemed a bit like a juvenile reaction akin to a (excuse the expression) pissing contest.

However, it still may serve as a demonstration of what you too can learn and possibly learn fast if you are willing. So I ended up building another website from scratch and recorded that build too.

Now I’m making the second video available to you for your viewing pleasure, your learning and hopefully inspiration for you to step over the stumbling blocks that may hold you back from commencing your own website creation.

Go see the video and see just what you can accomplish in even the shortest amount of time. Now is your time to learn how to be in control of your own website (and not least save a bundle by not having to pay for website builds from someone else).

Ready to see the video, then let’s go .


PS. I did end up deleting the website I built that I built copied my critic’s website pretty much as soon as I had built it. Naturally I didn’t want to prey on the work of someone else.


Alright, but enough of that, I invite you to go and see the second website build here .





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