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Our Story

This website has been set up with the deliberate intent of showing the beginner to WordPress how easily you can set up your own website and build it into how you want it to look, so that you can share your message with the friends, family, customers and the world.

I’m striving to share my insights, tips and tricks in a way that will make everything very easy to follow. I will share with you these how to instructions in various forms including written words, such as articles, posts and reports, images and not least videos – all while striving to make it as low tech as possible.

You can make use of our Free Fast Track video series to learn how to take your brand new WordPress website and turn it into your own professionally looking website that carries the identity and feel that you want. Access the free video series here.

Finally there is a place where you can see a full professional website being built from scratch all the way up to a complete and functional website. As I’m building this specific site here, I’m making recordings along the way with full instructions and will make these available for you. You can already get the free fast track video series here.


Behind Website Creation Mastery is Serial & Multiple Parallel Entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner. Originally from Denmark, but now residing in the United States, Mikkel boasts a vast professional and entrepreneurial back ground and expertise derived from owning or partnering in several businesses that span many varied and unrelated industries, States, Countries and even Continents.

Mikkel himself is using his expertise and skills of website creation in his own marketing agency, Amazing Ideas, Inc. of which this program is a part of. Through Amazing Ideas, Inc. he creates marketing strategies, branding and presence, which also includes the creation and building of companies’ websites.


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